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The Manor Clinic

The Manor Clinic offers high quality treatment for many types of addictions and depression. The centre offers a safe, private and peaceful environment for individuals to start their treatment and work towards abstinence.  At Manor Clinic a tailored treatment plan is designed for each client, and is delivered by a highly qualified team of psychiatrists, counsellors and doctors. A highly skilled team of nurses provide 24 hour supervision and support at all times during detox and treatment.

The clinic is set in a historic Georgian Manor house which has been tastefully refurbished to provide a comfortable and safe environment for recovery. The Manor clinic offers single occupancy, en-suite bedrooms to all, which are complete with flat screen TV's, cotton gowns, slippers and toiletries, and can accommodate family members staying at the clinic over weekend periods. The clinic has a chef to cater for any dietary requirements and to provide a well-balanced nutritional plan for its clients. A comfortable lounge, dining room and conservatory make up the communal areas for residents to socialise and relax in. The Manor Clinic also has a walled garden within the grounds and a private court yard with a designated smoking area to accommodate individual needs.

Types of Treatment Services manor clinic offers

The Manor Clinic offers tailored treatment programmes to cater for individual needs and maximise chances of successful recovery. These are based on both the needs and circumstances of the individual and their family.  The multidisciplinary treatment programme includes one-to-one counselling and group therapy, along with educational lectures and relapse prevention groups providing a comprehensive overview to help address all areas of the dependence. 

An initial assessment with an experienced addictions therapist allows the needs of the client to be highlighted. A fully medicated and medically supported detox will be provided as required and delivered by specialist nurses and doctors.

Group therapy is offered at Manor Clinic to help clients work through the 12-Step abstinence-based philosophy programme. Group therapy provides the opportunity to share the experience of addiction and engage with self-help aspects of recovery. The Manor Clinic also offers therapeutic groups and workshops that address and provide advice on all areas of addiction. These include personal relapse prevention, life skills and positive coping strategies, anger management, changing addictive behavioural patterns, and building relationships.

One-to-one counselling is also offered on a weekly basis, and additional sessions can be arranged upon assessment.

Each client is offered a high level of support and care at each stage of their recovery at the Manor Clinic. The aims are to provide each client with the skills and techniques to empower them towards recovery and a life free from their addiction.

How long could treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at Manor Clinic Southampton take?

The length of stay in a treatment centre can vary depending on the severity of the dependence, the situation, and the substance being taken. The clinic offers access to different length treatment programmes to suit each individual. 

Where to find Rehab Centers in the UK

Triage Healthcare works alongside a number of specialist treatment centres for immediate access to treatment, and regulates the standard of service provided on behalf its partners and ensures they are registered with the appropriate professional bodies.

When considering private treatment it is important to choose a clinic that is most likely to offer suitable treatment and cater for the needs of the individual. Rehab clinics can vary in their accommodation, treatment programme, activities and approach, and it is vital to choose the most appropriate treatment centre for the person.

We understand that there may be concerns regarding treatment, particularly in terms of cost, location and success. That is why we are here. Our advisors have an in-depth knowledge of the full range of drug rehab centers and other treatment options throughout the UK. We will advise you according to the latest evidence of what works, based on your individual circumstances and needs. 

By choosing to call us today you will be provided with the personal care and support of our qualified alcohol and addiction advisors whose aim is to provide you with confidential and reliable advice regarding all areas of addiction.  Call 0845 508 4937 for free, confidential advice.

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