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TTP, which stands for Trust the Process, offers rehabilitation programs that are both intensive and completely structured. At TTP, treatment is based on the twelve steps treatment model for addiction to drugs and alcohol that was pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous.

Medically supervised private detox sessions, complementary therapies, leisure and creative activities, sports and family days plus group and one-two-one counselling sessions are an example of the services offered at TTP.

Trust the Process offers full rehabilitation at some of their centres, but some will focus purely on the detox, which is the first step to recovery. Recovery means, literally, to regain what has been lost and the centre believe the journey can start at TTP.

Types of Treatment Services TTP offers

At TTP clients are offered not only detox, but further professional help. Trust the Process is able to provide clients with

  • insights into the nature of their illness
  • opportunities, through group work and written assignments to manage negative events, enhance personal effectiveness (assertiveness, self esteem, saying no, giving and receiving, styles of relating to others)
  • information regarding recognised programmes of recovery such as 12 step fellowships, support groups and personal therapy
  • guidance for specific support where necessary (bereavement counselling, survivors of sexual abuse support, being able to relate, etc)
  • opportunities for personal insights through regular process groups and written assignments such as life stories
  • advice on harm reduction where appropriate
  • key working and post-treatment planning in co-ordination with referrers and other key workers
  • family support whilst the client is with TTP
  • help with setting personal goals around such areas as training, employment, housing, crime reduction and personal health and, most importantly of all.....
  • a safe, clean, well structured and supportive environment at Trust the Process in which to begin to get well again.

How long could treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at TTP take?

The duration of stay at a TTP treatment centre will vary depending on the substance(s) involved and the severity of the situation. Typically, durations at TTP (Trust the Process) will be between one and six weeks. Regardless of the length of treatment, an attitude of ‘seeing it through’ is central to effectiveness. Quality rehabs are able to identify the following:

  • How they actively engage with clients
  • That they provide a compassionate supportive environment
  • The provision of a structured programme
  • Real clarity about their policies and procedures
  • A full description of their therapies
  • How they tailor their activities to an individual's needs

 (Trathen et al., 2008)

Where to find Rehab Centers in the UK

There are a number of different treatments available. It is important that the treatment is tailored to the individual - addiction is different for each person; there is no “one-size-fits-all solution”. In order to find out the treatment that represents the best chance of success for all concerned, call one of our experienced advisors. Our advice is all completely free and confidential.

We are staffed by highly experienced and expert professionals in addiction medicine and counselling, who are ethically bound to give you advice according to the latest evidence of what works, and who are not allowed to advise you according to a profit motive. Rather we will find you the best value treatment given your particular circumstances and wishes.

We understand that there may be concerns regarding treatment, particularly in terms of cost, location and success. That is why we are here. We can help all concerned decide on a comprehensive program that is affordable to your budget. You can telephone to speak with us straight away in confidence or email us with the guarantee of a timely response. Call 0845 555 444 for free, confidential advice.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the full range of treatment services and programme options throughout the UK and abroad, and will advise you independently of any particular centre.

It is possible to access private overseas services. This option can be particularly appealing to those individuals who have already accessed help in the UK with limited success. By travelling overseas to access treatment, the person is completely removed from their problematic surroundings. Overseas treatment can also represent better value for money in some cases.


Trathen et al (2008). Guidelines for the best practice treatment of Substance Misuse. Triage Healthcare: Canterbury, UK.

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