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Heroin addiction

Heroin is an extremely addictive drug. Heroin is one of the most misused drugs and heroin addiction is very serious. Heroin is illegal and some forms of the drug bought on the streets can be highly dangerous as they are often cut with other substances. Just because someone is a heroin user it doesnt automatically follow that they have a heroin addiction. However there is a very high risk that anyone using heroin will develop a heroin addiction.

Many heroin users will be secretive about their habit, so it can be difficult to realise when someone has a heroin addiction. It is normal to be concerned about possible heroin addiction in yourself or someone else. If you or someone else is losing control over their heroin use, or it is affecting their day-to-day life it is very possible that heroin addiction is taking place. Heroin addiction can also have some serious physical effects which can alert others to heroin addiction. These include abcesses, collapsed veins and infections.

Heroin addiction is often described as a compulsion to take heroin, in spite of any dangers and problems which come with doing this. Heroin addiction means that the addict has formed a dependency on heroin. Drug addiction is characterised by both physical and mental dependency on drugs.

Psychological heroin addiction or dependence means that addict believes that they cant function as well without heroin and they feel that they need to take heroin just to get through their everyday lives.

A physical heroin addiction means that a persons body has developed a dependence on heroin and without a dose of heroin physical side effects can occur such as sweating, vomiting and goose bumps. The body also builds up a tolerance to heroin during heroin addiction and the addict needs higher doses to experience the rush that they crave.

Heroin addiction is usually a case of both physical and mental addiction. Because heroin is highly addictive after a time and because addicts become so physically dependent on it heroin addiction is not easy to overcome.

It is possible to be in recovery from heroin addiction through therapy, treatment, counselling, rehabilitation and sometimes the use of methadone.

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