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Advanced testing method detects new drug Information

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Advanced testing method detects new drug

One of the biggest difficulties in trying to protect people from drug abuse is that the drugs industry can change at the drop of a hat.  Although there has been a crack down on well known illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine, drug dealers are combating this but producing new forms of drugs, some of which can be purchased 'legally' at present. 

The development of new 'designer' drugs has made it more difficult for authorities to catch drug users, but more importantly it has meant that healthcare services are unable to provide detoxes due to poor knowledge about safe procedures.  This can mean that many people who choose to use these new forms of drugs can become easily hooked, but have less hope of becoming free from their addiction, as services may not have the knowledge necessary to aid this transition.

This is not to say that individuals who suffer from an addiction to 'new' drugs will suffer from their addiction permanently, but is can mean that it is more difficult for a drug rehab center to treat, and thus it will be a more difficult process for these individuals.

However there are many scientists who are working hard to try and find ways to help individuals addicted to new drugs, and there have been developments around these new drugs.  The biggest development at present, is the ability to test people for these new forms of drugs (Science Daily, 2012), and while this may seem like a small development, it means that greater numbers of people can be identified as using these substances, and can thus be treated accordingly.  It will benefit both the justice system in prosecuting individuals and also healthcare services to help identify those who may need access to rehab. 

New drugs will always be developed as long as there is a market for them, and the only hope we have of combating these developments is to continue to research ways to identify and treat people who may be misusing these substances, and try and help them become drug free.



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Article published on 31/07/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment