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Binge eaters likely to suffer from other addictions Information

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Binge eaters likely to suffer from other addictions

Understanding what leads to an addiction is a key part of developing suitable treatment programs, and there have been a great deal of new interventions that have evolved as a result of our new knowledge.  The more we understand about what causes addiction, the better we can treat it. 

Studies investigating various types of addictions, have found that if an individual suffers from one type of addiction, they are also more likely to succumb to other substance use disorders.  When we consider this, we usually think of other drug disorders such as heroin or cocaine addiction.  However recent research has found that additional to this, individuals who suffer from obsessive beahviours with food such as binge eating, are also more likely to suffer from other addictive beahviours such as alcoholism or drug addiction (Science Daily, 2012).

The researchers hope that these findings will help shed light on how obsessive and addictive behaviours work, no matter what the substance.  If individuals are more likely to become addicted to other substances it highlights how important addressing early obsessive behaviour can be to prevent later damage.

It could be that rehabs in UK may need to offer treatment for other addictive disorders as well as drug and alcohol abuse in order to prevent any further addictive disorders arising.  The development of treatment programs for internet addictions show that ideas are changing towards how to treat addictive behaviours, and what constitutes addiction.  Realising that alongside traditional substance disorders, there are other addictions that may be harmful, shows that we are developing a greater understanding of how addiction can damage a life. 

Rehab, UK wide is beginning to evolve new techniques based on these developments, and it is hoped that rehab will be able to provide treatment for less intense addictions, and thus help prevent individuals succumbing to more damaging addictive disorders.

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Article published on 10/05/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment