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Detoxing abroad via a holistic approach Information

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Detoxing abroad via a holistic approach

In order to prepare for a rehabilitation programme it is often important for someone suffering from a drug addiction to go through a detox in order for them to be free of all substances as this increases the likelihood of a successful rehabilitation programme.  For many rehab programs detox is a prerequisite for attendance.

However, options for detoxification can vary so it is for this reason that it is important for an individual to consider carefully the right option for them.

One issue to consider with regards to drug detox is where an individual chooses to undergo the treatment.  The options include residential drug detox, home detox or even a detox abroad.  There have been reports that a heroin detox programme run in Thailand is showing very promising effects (BBC News, 2011), with research suggesting success rates of roughly 95%.  The service is offered by charity, and entails use of a detox 'potion' which induces vomiting, and meditation to help clients deal with the detox.  It incorporates a holistic approach which seeks to help in all aspects of in individual's life and not just the drug addiction.  Prior to entry on the program clients must take a vow never to misuse substances again. 

Obviously the East-West approach to detox may not suit everyone, and it is down to the individual and those supporting them, to research the different options available and pick the one most medically safe and suited to the lifestyle, beliefs and financial situation.

It is also important for those who misuse substances to realise that a detox alone may not be sufficient to help them 'kick the habit'.  Following a successful detox further support is often needed to help prevent relapse. 

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Article published on 02/02/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment