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Dutch heroin addicts using Scottish rehab clinc Information

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Dutch heroin addicts using Scottish rehab clinc

A large number of Dutch heroin addicts have been reported to be using a rehab clinic in Scotland, as Scottish authorities are reluctant to pay for local residents to use to service.  Instead of entering into rehabilitation drug users are being prescribed the heroin substitute methadone, as this is a cheaper method to tackle drug use (The Guardian, 2007. 

Despite reports that methadone is relatively ineffective in the long term rehabilitation of heroin users, authorities seem to show preference for it due to the lower price.  

However while having a drug substitute does have some impact on physical dependency, it does not tackle the psychological aspects associated with drug use, and until all the issues are addressed, there is little hope for long term recovery. 

Those who seek out treatment options for substance misuse through local government funded services should be given the option to choose which treatment would best benefit them.  It may be the case that initially people who are addicted to heroin would not benefit greatly from rehab until their physical dependency is addressed in some way, in which case methadone treatment may be suitable initially.  However if an individual feel they would benefit from further rehab services they should be able to access such service to help maximize their chances of successful recovery.

There are a great number of rehab services available, but if people are unable to get access to them, there is little point in having them at all.  The war on drugs will not be won unless we provide people with the right weapons to win their own battles.

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Article published on 12/03/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment