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Increase in use of steroid performance drugs Information

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Increase in use of steroid performance drugs

There are many reasons that people take drugs, and sometimes the drug they choose to take can tell us much about the reasons for it.  Cannabis is often seen as the 'fun' drug, with the least risks associated with it (although this is far from the truth), cocaine is seen as 'the glamour' drug, with many celebrities being found to use it.  Ecstasy is the 'party' drug, and heroin is the 'total escape from life' drug.  These are just some of the widely held beliefs about certain drugs, and how they are viewed by people, and while they are often the drugs we hear about most in the news, it is important to remember that there are plenty more out there that get less regular press. 

As mentioned before, the drug someone chooses to use, can tell us a lot about why they are using it, and this is arguably no more true than for steroids.  Steroids have long been known to be the 'performance enhancing' drug, and when an individual is choosing to use this kind of drug, it is often to win a sporting event or other physical endurance task.  However recent reports are finding that, particularly in America, increasing numbers of young adults are using steroids to help them improve their physical appearance, by helping them 'bulk' up quickly (Medical News Today, 2012).

Using drugs to 'improve' an aspect of your life, is certainly not a new idea, but steroid use has in the past been less prevalent than other drugs, and the news that it seems to be on the increase is disturbing.  It thus seems that young people need to be properly educated on the risks of steroid use, and what support is available to them if they need access to a drug detox center for steroid abuse, and additionally what steps to take if they do wish to improve their fitness or physical presentation.  It is important that children are encouraged to be fit and healthy, but not to use extreme techniques to reach that goal.



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Article published on 29/11/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment