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Learn how to handle temptation during rehab Information

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Learn how to handle temptation during rehab

One of the essential skills that people learn during rehab is to learn to handle temptations and develop their will power when faced with drug cues.  However, this is often not as easy as it seems as there are a huge amount of factors involved in drug addiction and subsequent cravings.  It can be a result of changes in the brain, or behavioural issues, but most commonly it is due to both. 

However, due to the difficultly in dealing with cravings and temptations post rehab, UK centers may eventually be able to offer individuals medication that is able to help with this matter.  The medication is being developed as an aversion technique, i.e. it creates a negative effect when people use a drug (Medical News Today, 2011).  So far it is being pioneered for opioid addiction as often these are the most severe, and the researchers have found positive results form the innovation. 

In truth it is a simple idea that has been a long time in coming.  The basic concept is that the medication will reduce the 'positive' effects of heroin or other opiate use, and may instead cause unpleasant effects such as nausea.  It is expected that once people are no longer receiving the benefits of the drug, they may then decide to enter into treatment to handle the physical addiction, and address the psychological factors associated with their drug uses.  In some cases the medication alone may be enough to prevent people from using drugs again.  However, individuals who succumb to one drug addiction are unfortunately also more liable to become addicted to other substances.  It therefore makes sense for people to address all the possible issues related to their drug use in order to prevent them using alternative substances in the future. 

The medication is still in the relatively early stages, however so far results seem promising, and it could be that in the near future, becoming free from opiate addictions is more straightforward than it has been in the past, and hopefully increasing numbers of people will become drug free long term.

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Article published on 02/05/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment