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New alcohol addiction drug receives patents Information

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New alcohol addiction drug receives patents

A new drug for the treatment of conditions arising from long term addiction to both alcohol and drugs has been awarded a patent.

The Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks granted a patent for Ropren to cover the active ingredient, the therapeutic substance based on the active ingredient, its pharmaceutical composition, and the method of treatment.

According the development company Solagran, the drug is not only effective in treating chronic liver disease, but is also effective in treating neuro-degeneration and addiction.

"The patent for the treatment of conditions associated with chronic alcoholism and drug addiction has stemmed from the results of trials with critical and seriously ill heroin-addicted chronic alcoholics conducted at the Skvortsova Stepanova Psychiatric Hospital," the company said is a statement.

It added that due to the need for secrecy preceding the award of patents the results of these trials have not yet been released to the market but soon full details will be published in the appropriate journals.

Dr Nina Petrovna Golovkina of the Skvortsova Stepanova Psychiatric Hospital said her hospital would be using Ropren to treat alcoholics, drug addicts and patients with neuro-degenerative disorders as soon as Ropren was commercially available.

Article published on 09/01/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment