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New research into cocaine addiction Information

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New research into cocaine addiction

We often hear about the devastation of heroin addiction, and the research and provisions available to treat it.  However, despite the high prevalence of cocaine addiction in some areas of the UK, it receives relatively little interest from the academic community and there have been fairly few developments in how community programs or an addiction center can effectively treat cocaine addiction specifically.

However, a new grant has been offered to the Edge Hill University in order for them to increase their level of research into cocaine addiction (Liverpool Echo, 2012).

The decision for this particular University to undertake such research is borne partly out of the knowledge that this area of the UK suffers from a much higher instance of cocaine addiction.

It is an excellent step forwards in the battle against drugs, and it may be that the research that results from this grant may be able to enhance the treatments offered by both private rehabilitation clinics and public treatment facilities.

The research will investigate numerous factors associated with cocaine addiction and may be able to help address some key questions, such as potential risk factors for initial addiction, and findings that may be able to help identify ways to maximise chances of a successful recovery.

It will not be a quick process, but any efforts that are being made to help stem to increasing numbers of individuals addicted to cocaine is a worthwhile investment, and with continuous technological and pharmaceutical developments, there is always potential for new treatments options to be discovered.


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Article published on 05/04/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment