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Report criticises imprisonment of drug addicts Information

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Report criticises imprisonment of drug addicts

A new report from the UK Drug Policy Commission has criticised the treatment of drug addicts in Britain's prisons.

The think tank recommended more community sentences for criminals with substance abuse problems, arguing that too many people with drug addictions have been imprisoned for minor crimes and then face inadequate treatment once in jail.

Dame Ruth Runciman, the commission's chairwoman, said: "Despite some welcome improvements and an increase in investment, the standard of healthcare and support for prisoners with drug problems falls well below acceptable minimum standards in too many prisons."

In the report, which condemned the way in which addicts are often forced to detoxify but not provided with any follow-up treatment following being freed from jail, the commission cited figures that one in every 200 addicts who inject heroin died from overdoses within two weeks of being released.

It also referred to the risks encountered by addicts who are locked up, including strains on their relationships and the possibility of losing their homes and jobs.

The government recently announced a new drugs strategy that will see an additional £25 million a year being spent on treating offenders by 2011.

Article published on 18/03/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment