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Research into cocaine addiction Information

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Research into cocaine addiction

 Trying to develop new treatment options for addiction is a never ending endeavour.  However, whereas there have been a relatively large amount of drug treatment options for alcoholism and even heroin addiction, those who are suffered from cocaine addiction have had fewer pharmacological interventions.

However a new study has found a possible drug that may be able to aid people in recovery from cocaine addiction (e! Science News, 2011).  A commonly used drug has been found to have some interesting effects on those who are addicted to cocaine.  It appears that taking this drug is able to effectively block the drug users memories associated with the cocaine use, which may be able to reduce an individuals craving for drugs.

Although still in the early stages of research, the authors of the study believe that use of the drug could have long lasting benefits, and may be able to drastically reduce the instances of relapse in those suffering from cocaine addiction.

It is expected that is combined with other drug treatments including psychological therapies, the chances of successful recovery may be increased significantly.  One therapy that may complement the use of the drug may be exposure therapy, where an individual is regularly exposed to addiction triggers, and have to resist these triggers until, over time, they become less affected by them. 

These developments could offer new treatments to individuals receiving help in a rehabilitation center and this may help an increased number of individuals to become free from a cocaine addiction in the future.


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Article published on 05/04/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment