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The drug high outweighs the negative effects Information

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The drug high outweighs the negative effects

One reason why drug addiction is so prevalent in our society and why people continue to use drugs despite the well known negative effects, is the high they receive as a result.  On some level we can all understand how that can be appealing, as humans we all do things that we find enjoyable, and because we find them enjoyable we do them again.  Unfortunately, there are more complex interactions when it comes to drug use, and far too easily people become addicted to the feeling they get from using a drug, and are unable to cope without it.  It is often at this point that individuals are in need of detox or drug rehab.

However, in response to this effect that drugs have, there are attempts to create a vaccine against the high of certain drugs, and researchers feel they may be close to a vaccine for heroin addiction, which is one of the most common and devastating drug addictions that people suffer from.  Recent research has investigated a possible vaccine against the high associated with heroin, and they are hopeful that it will be able to prevent more people succumbing to addiction to the drug (Science Daily, 2011). 

Although currently in the early stages of development and having been tested only on mice so far, there is far more research that needs to be done.  However the possible implications that such research could have is very promising.  Although it may not be able to cure people who are already suffering from addiction, as there are various complex interactions that occur once an individual becomes addicted, it does have the potential to slow the growing numbers of people who become addicted in the first place. 

It may have very positive effects on the number of people who need to attend residential drug rehab or detox programs, and it could have important implications for our public services such as health and justice services.  As such, further research is certainly needed in order to ascertain the plausibility of the vaccine for human use, but if such a vaccine could be developed it may have astonishing effects for all.


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Article published on 19/04/2020 by PCUG Addiction Treatment