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Awareness of cannabis use dangers required

Partly due to the long term debate about the possible legalization of cannabis, people are under the impression that it is not a dangerous drug.  Many people who use cannabis do so in the belief that it is comparatively no more dangerous than smoking tobacco, and most adamantly deny any negative effects of the drug.

However, although it may be less addictive and harmful than other illegal street drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, this does not mean that cannabis is not harmful.  Recent studies have reported that or daily smoking of the substance can cause ever cognitive impairments in the future, and this is especially true if the drug is used on a regular basis and you are under the age of 16.  The resulting damage to the nervous system caused by drug use can cause impairments in many cognitive tasks, including understanding rules and speed of performance on cognitive tasks (ABC News, 2010).

It may seem fairly small fry compared to the consequences we see on TV of more intense drugs such as cocaine and heroin, however, it is important when you consider that cannabis is one of the most widely used illicit substances in the UK and USA, and is often used by people of a young age.

It is true that people rarely have to undergo a detox as a result of cannabis addiction, but it is important that people are made aware of the potential damage they are doing to themselves as a result of their continued drug misuse.  The fact that it is a low class drug, and discussions were had about possible legalization, appear to have misguided people into believing that there is very little associated harm, however, people need to be reminded that marijuana is illegal for a reason, and that reason is to keep people safe.

ABC News.  2010.  Early and Chronic Marijuana Use May Damage Brain Function, Says Study.  Sourced from:

Published by on 27/03/2020.

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