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Genetics and addiction

Genetics plays a vital role in who we are; it affects how we feel and behave, and how we react to stimuli, and it is a mixture of our genetics and our environment that really molds who we are.  Sometimes genetics can have a negative impact on our well-being; e.g. being born with physical defects, or a genetic disease, but sometimes genetics can also have a positive effect.

For example, recent research has found via rat studies, that boys may receive a certain level of resistance to the drug cocaine from the genetic influences of their father (Medical News Today, 2012).  These results show how in some cases our genetics may be able to help us stay healthy.

However it must be remembered that while genetics can have an important role, our environment and social influences are also very important, and while we may have some protection from our genetics; there are still risks from those around us.  Thus whether an individual has protection via genetics or not, there are many risk factors, and these will all play a role in whether an individual uses drugs or not, and even whether they become addicted or not.

It is due to this interaction that when an individual receives help at a drug abuse center, they will often engage in a program that incorporated physical, psychological and social therapy to address all the possible issues, and maximise the chances of successful recovery.   



Medical News Today.  (2012).  resistance to cocaine addiction may be passed down from father to son.  Sourced from:

Published by on 04/01/2020.

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