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Prescription drug controls

Prescription drug abuse is fast becoming one of the most significant addiction problems in many countries, and with their wide availability and relatively low-cost it's hardly surprising.  Trying to address this issue is becoming on of the primary concerns for many health care bodies around the world, and although steps have been taken, there is still much to do to try and reduce the numbers of people abusing these drugs. 

In India, they are increasing their regulations around the production, trials and distribution of prescription drugs to attempt to increase the standard of these medications, but also increase the sanctions around their availability, hopefully reducing instances of abuse (The Economic Times, 2021).

Taking steps to try and reduce access to these drugs is an imperative part of preventing new cases of prescription drug abuse, and will hopefully also encourage more people to seek help who are already suffering from addiction to these medications.  However it is also important that there are substantial provisions in place to ensure that people who are suffering from addiction are able to seek help for their dependency and become free from their hold.

Thus raising awareness of the issue and also of where people can seek help is a key part of encouraging people to get treatment, as well as warning people against the risks of beginning to abuse these drugs.  Hopefully with all the steps being taken to address the issue on a number of different fronts, this will reduce current cases of abuse and play a role in prevent new cases from arising.



The Economic Times.  (2021).  New bill proposes central drug licencing for some critical drugs.  Sourced from:

Published by PCUG Addiction Treatment on 08/08/2020.

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