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Medical research on addiction treatment shows overwhelmingly that a combination of treatments brings the best recovery rates.

PCUG Addiction Treatment advice is provided by a highly qualified assessment team which specializes in considering the full range of treatment options available. Whether you are seeking treatment at home, as an out-patient or in residential ‘rehab’  we are a private company specialising in the treatment of addiction. PCUG Addiction Treatment can provide you with effective advice, assessment, counselling and treatment.

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Addiction is a difficult way of life. Addiction impacts almost all areas of one’s well-being and often the negative consequences of a person’s use can end up contributing to their reluctance to seek help.

However, the future does not have to be bleak. The truth is that with effective, targeted help many people successfully address their addiction and rebuild their lives.
Counselling with an expert addiction counsellor can be a life changing experience.
Initially it is common to think the way forward is to ‘go it alone’. That overcoming an addiction is a matter of ‘will power’ and view seeking help such as counselling as admitting defeat. It can be natural to feel fearful of letting someone know the truth, to confide in another. That is why it is of paramount importance to meet with a specialist in the field. A counsellor who knows what they are doing.

Getting help to overcome an addiction will involve hard work. The benefits of change far outweigh the struggle to change

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The PCUG Addiction Treatment professionally qualified team works with you from beginning to end, providing ongoing support in your home locality to minimize your chances of relapse in the longer-term.


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Our team of experts are able to provide professional advice and therapy in even the most dificult of cases.


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I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for your fantastic help. I have been so impressed by your practical and supportive advice. Things feel a lot more manageable now and I hope I can get my father to speak to you shortly so we can progress things successfully…The service is exactly what I was looking for and had struggled to find - I was horrified by the lack of useful information on the Internet or via support groups. I will definitely recommend this to anyone I encounter in need of it, including those in my professional role as an Traditional Acupuncturist. Many thanks once again. Regards E.

I have decided that I will contact one of the counsellors as you have recommended. The information …. is great because this is where I work and will probably be the most convenient but could you also let me have similar details around the post code where I live. It is quite easy for me to travel to either S or P, that post code is pretty much bang between the two. Many thanks D

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