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Established in 2012, ELC Zinc is a hard metal roofing firm, which prides itself on quality workmanship and reliable service that has made over 1,000 clients very happy.

We are VM Zinc qualified installers and have been installing zinc roofs for almost a decade.

Residential or commercial and regardless of the size, we would love to collaborate and be a part of your roofing project.

We undertake the following types of roofing and facades:

  • Zinc (VMZINC, Rheinzink, NedZink)
  • Copper (KME, Aurubis)
  • Galvanised Steel (GreenCoat PLX)
  • Single Ply (Memtec)
  • Full Carpentry Packages

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Our services are regional and national with roofers operating around the southeast and southwest of England.

Standing Seam Roofs

  • Roof pitches between 3° and 90° (including as vertical cladding)
  • Barrel vaulted roofs,
  • Conical and domed roofs

Here at ELC, we use double lock standing seam roofing across a wide range of building types from commercial to domestic and even religious and leisure buildings.

Standing seam roofing is likely the most popular way to cover a zinc roof and the practice has been sed for over a century.

The lure of this roofing system is its finish. The fine lines of the standing seams give the system light and attractive appearance – plus it’s super flexible, which means we are able to create custom forms and shapes.

Zinc roof colour options

One of the main beauties of zinc is its sheer array of colours and finishes, so serious homeowners looking for contemporary, modern roofs are advised to spend time looking through roof designs with an architectural designer and us as suppliers and contractors during the build and design phase.

For example, opting for natural zinc will result in a roof that has a shiny, metallic surface which will develop a patina over time.

But on the other hand, if you go for pre-patinated products such as VMZinc’s Azengar option, you can expect a smoother more matte surface.

An additional option is pre-pigmented varieties, which means that you can choose a zinc roof from a variety of shares, which include red, orange, purple and many, many more.

Colour swatches

Below are the range of colour swatches available in the VM Zinc range:







Pigmento Red


Pigmento Brown


Pigmento Green


Pigmento Blue

If you are considering using VM Zinc give us a call on 01787 278103, or pop into our office to see our showroom with samples of VM Zinc in different colours.

Finishing touches:

Roller-applied textures applied at the fabrication stage can provide excellent finishes and increase the impact of your roof, this means we can add attractive texturised finishes that include:

  • Grooves
  • Ripples
  • Fish scales

Facade options and gutters

There are many options for facades, which include flatlock panels, bespoke shingles and diamond shingles. Popular facades include Mozaik panel systems, Sinewave cladding panels, corrugated panels and interlocking panel cladding.

Hidden box gutters are also common features, but the choices here are also endless – you can have hanging gutters, half-round gutter and rectangular are also available.

Traditional, residential roofing

The building envelope will be built up on-site using a series of different layers, depending on the roof size, these can include (from outside to inside):

  • Zinc cladding
  • Underlay
  • Substrate
  • Air layer (ventilated roofs and walls only)
  • Insulation
  • Battens or metal rails and wall brackets
  • Vapour control layer/vapour barrier
  • Principal load-bearing structure

What’s good about zinc roofs?

Zinc roofing is growing extremely popular. Zinc, and hard metals in general offer durable, contemporary solutions to a range of building projects and envelopes.

Modern profiling seaming technology allows big roofs to be constructed quickly and with ease – however, it will require an experienced and accredited installer like ELC Zinc – did we mention we are insured also and offer 10-year guarantees and warranties across our roofing services?

What this means for homeowners is that installation times are shorter, which brings down the cost of labour.

With modern profiling, we are able to cover 13 metres of a roof with just one single strip – impressive!

As a result, we would determine that standing seam roofing is the most cost-effective way of installing zinc roofs for clients on a budget.

More benefits include:

  • Longevity! Zinc roofs can last between 60-100 years
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Flexible and malleable
  • Suits agriculture-style buildings
  • Fast to install
  • Very low maintenance
  • Weather-proof
  • Not degraded by UV light

How much do zinc roofs cost?

A question we get asked a lot is ‘are zinc roofs expensive?’

To be transparent, prices tend to increase for more complex installations and designs, for example when roof structures are curved, tapered or have an aperture for windows.

Average sized homes can expect to pay a couple of thousands of pounds, but new roof installations are hardly ever cheap anyway!

We wish we could give you exact prices right now, but it would not be fair to do so without seeing a draw up of your plans or designs.

The cost will depend on the amount of material, size of the roof and existing structures.

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Zinc Roofers in London, Surrey & Kent

Managing Director – Edward Carlo

Why ELC Zinc roofers?

You can trust that here at ELC Zinc, our experienced roofing contractors and operatives are highly capable of tackling even the most complex of roofing structures.

Homeowners choose us because:

  • Established since 2012
  • Over 1,500 roofs were installed or repaired
  • 5-star rated testimonials and reviews
  • Accredited VM Zinc Installers
  • Take on projects of all sizes
  • Highly rated regional and national service
  • Free quotes and callouts
  • 10-year guarantees and warranties

More information:

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Need help?

We don’t expect you to be experts on zinc roofs, that’s why we’re here, to help, guide and advice. If there’s nothing you quite understand on this page, or you have a certain question you would like answering then get in touch and we will do all that we can to assist.

Let us tell you how great zinc roofs are – contact us here.

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