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The PCUG Addiction Treatment website has been designed to be as accessible as possible.

Access Keys

The ability to navigate the site using other means than a mouse can be important for those who have difficulties using a mouse or other pointing devices. To help with this we have set up 'Access Keys' (see below) on the site which allow easy navigation to the main pages on the web site.

As well as helping those who have difficulty using a mouse it also allows quick access to the main pages for anyone who prefers to use the keyboard.

To use the access keys on the site follow these steps;

  • Key 1. Home page
  • Key 2. Medical addictions information
  • Key 3. Help for Family and Friends
  • Key 4. Addiction rehab centres
  • Key 5. Addiction help
  • Key 6. Self assessment
  • Key 7. In Recovery



Addictions Help for Professionals

If you are a professional in need of help for yourself or for others, PCUG Addiction Treatment will deal with your request with sensitivity whilst formulating a care plan taking into account your special circumstances. All our telephone advisors are supervised by professionally qualified addictions counsellors, who are bound by strict rules of confidentiality and ethics. We can arrange immediate access to advice from a consultant addiction psychiatrist at your request.




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