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PCUG Addiction Treatment Terms & Conditions

Our free advice service is provided by fully qualified medical and counselling personnel with specialist experience in this area. However there are limitations to the effectiveness of this form of advice. The advice given is based on general principles established from our experience. We tailor it to your particular case as stated in the enquiry, but our advisors have not seen the patient and can only advise on the basis of what they are told by email or by telephone, which can lack emphasis, tone or emotion (all of which can help in diagnosing patients seen face to face). Denial can be an issue in cases of substance misuse, and this may be difficult to spot from and email or telephone assessment. For specific advice in your particular case we recommend seeing your GP, using our Counselling Service, or if you are concerned the condition is an urgent one, attending your local Accident and Emergency Department. Free advice is only provided to residents of the United Kingdom. By requesting advice you warrant that you are resident in the United Kingdom. No liability or duty of care is accepted to persons resident outside the United Kingdom.


We act as a treatment provider through a network of specialist private residential rehabilitation and detox centres across the United Kingdom. We help you select a local treatment centre suitable to your needs and budget, supervise your progress and arrange and provide community after-care for you. If you experience any problems with one of our treatment centres, please let us know. Residential treatment is a way to help you deal with substance misuse. It is not a complete cure for addiction or a guarantee that you will be able to stop taking or stay off the substance.


We act as a directory providing details of specialist private individual counsellors across the United Kingdom. You provide your contact details and we respond with details of local counsellors who may be suitable to your needs. We provide this service free of charge. Any contact which you may subsequently enter into will be direct with the counsellor, who will charge you at such rates as may be agreed. You do not have the statutory right to cancel by notice to use, as no contract is entered into online. You may have a statutory right to cancel by notice to the counsellor if you agree a contract with them by telephone. However, you will not be able to cancel once the counselling service has begun with your agreement. We make reasonable efforts to identify suitable, professionally accredited counsellors in each area of the United Kingdom, but we are not able to check them all ourselves. If you experience any problems with one of our recommended counsellors, please let us know. Counselling is a way to help you deal with substance misuse. It is not a complete cure for addiction or a guarantee that you will be able to stop taking or stay off the substance. See our advice and guidance, consult your GP or local Accident and Emergency Department or consider using our treatment service.


If you book a treatment service through us online or by telephone you have the statutory right to a cooling off period until the 7th working day after your booking is confirmed. During this period you may cancel the contract for any reason. You must give us notice of cancellation in writing (which may be by fax or email). Unless agreed otherwise, you will not be able to cancel the contract once the performance of the treatment service has began with your agreement, (whether or not this occurs before the end of the 7th working day after confirmation of booking).


Addictions Help for Professionals

If you are a professional in need of help for yourself or for others, PCUG Addiction Treatment will deal with your request with sensitivity whilst formulating a care plan taking into account your special circumstances. All our telephone advisors are supervised by professionally qualified addictions counsellors, who are bound by strict rules of confidentiality and ethics. We can arrange immediate access to advice from a consultant addiction psychiatrist at your request.




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Yours Sincerely. Patrick.

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