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Medical Information on Addictions & Addiction Treatment

PCUG Addiction Treatment has the longest track record of drug and alcohol treatment provision in the UK using the Internet as a contact medium and is a leading online provider of free medical information about Addictions.

This part of the website contains medical information on addictions treatment written for medical professionals plus a glossary of medical terms and recent research articles within the medical area of alcohol and drug addiction.


Addictions Treatment Info for medical professionals

Professional Guidelines for the best practice treatment of Substance Abuse

This large e-book contains detailed information on identifying substance misuse or addiction, brief interventions (treatment) and referral to specialist services. This material is not 'general light reading on drug addiction' but is professional medical advice written for health workers seeking access to information in this specialist area.

The information provided is copyright of Dr Bruce Trathen MBBS MRC Psych (2006). ISBN 0-9545164-0-0. The author grants permission for these guidelines to be downloaded, copied and distributed freely, but does not grant permission for their sale, alteration or publication in any other format.

Download Guidelines for the best practice treatment of Substance Abuse



Addictions Help for Professionals

If you are a professional in need of help for yourself or for others, PCUG Addiction Treatment will deal with your request with sensitivity whilst formulating a care plan taking into account your special circumstances. All our telephone advisors are supervised by professionally qualified addictions counsellors, who are bound by strict rules of confidentiality and ethics. We can arrange immediate access to advice from a consultant addiction psychiatrist at your request.




Other Addiction Information Resources on this website


The following information is provided by PCUG Addiction Treatment, a leading online provider of free medical information about drug and alcohol addiction, to help educate and inform about drug misuse and drug addiction issues.


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Our team of experts is professionally regulated by the General Medical Council, Royal College of Nurses an the British Association of Counsellors.  Please beware of accessing treatment through unregulated internet ‘referral agents’, who are unable to provide professional advice and work to a profit motive based on ‘commission’ received from rehab centres.

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