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Addictions Advice for the friends and family of those with drug or alcohol problems.

It is often the case that a friend or relative of someone who is drinking heavily recognises that this has become a problem before the person themselves.

Carers in this situation may become depressed or just need someone to talk to in confidence. If you are in this situation, do not hesitate to call 0800 246 1498 now for immediate advice and support.


Free Advice Materials

The following materials are designed particularly to help the friends and families of those with an addiction problem. The following e-books are available both on-line and as a pdf document to download and read.


How to Motivate Someone to Seek Help for Alcoholism These webpages explain how friends and family can help an alcoholic to decide to seek help. The same principles apply to those with a drug addiction or substance misuse.


How to Motivate Someone to Seek Help for Drug Addiction Download your copy of this information in pdf format.


How to Motivate Someone to Seek Help for Alcoholism Download your own copy of this information in pdf format. [Filesize 72kB]


How to Enjoy Life Without Alcohol Part 1. These webpages give advice on how to go about stopping drinking in a practical manner. Part I of this book "helps you to make the decisions you will need to make in order to plan your route through treatment for your alcohol problem"


How to Enjoy Life Without Alcohol Part 1 The full version of this book is available as a download. Although written mainly with alcohol addiction in mind, much of this is relevant to drug addiction and substance misuse as well. [Filesize 165kB]





Thank you for this information, it will be of great help. I have found a meeting I can take my sister to on Monday in Liverpool which looks encouraging. Again, thanks for your advice. Regards R.


There is still a way to go, but at last he is in the right place with the right help and I feel I can relax knowing he's in safe and experienced hands, to give him the treatment he needs. Your commitment to me and my Dad was first class. Prompt, decisive and caring... I really felt you saved our lives. Thank you. Charlotte.


I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for your fantastic help. I have been so impressed by your practical and supportive advice. Regards E.


Many thanks, I would like to congratulate you on an excellent service. Also thanks for sending this through so promptly. Paddy



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