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How To Enjoy Life Without Alcohol: Routes to a Healthier Existence

Can I become free of addiction?

Yes. Recovery is possible. Recovery is much easier to achieve when an appropriate support network is in place, this is exactly what PCUG Addiction Treatment is all about. Our team of professional advisors recognise that achieving recovery is not a “paint by numbers” exercise. Each individual is different and will require a personal recovery plan tailored to them.

Recovery is an ongoing process and PCUG Addiction Treatment guarantee to support all concerned throughout this process.

By calling PCUG Addiction Treatment the work towards recovery begins for the long-term, rather than a programme which will only work for a short period of time.

As well as providing free confidential advice about the recovery plan most likely to result in success, PCUG Addiction Treatment also provides free literature. All materials are written by our Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Bruce Trathen. These are designed to support the individual along the way and enable them to make the right choices to continue their recovery.

This is the online version of a free PDF document available to download. PCUG Addiction Treatment are committed to providing free help and advice for those with addictions problems and their family and friends.


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