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Rehab clinics

Rehab clinics or rehabilitation clinics are devoted institutions that provide support, therapy and education to enable an individual to overcome an addiction to alcohol and return to a healthy lifestyle. Rehab clinics provide both the medical and psychological treatments that may be required by an alcoholic. Medical treatment may be needed to get through the physical withdrawal symptoms of an addiction to alcohol. Alongside the use of medical treatment, psychological treatment such as therapy is used to break the mental hold that alcohol may have over an individual. To obtain the most successful results, a rehab clinic will offer treatment tailored to an individual's particular requirements.

While it is not always necessary, a residential stay in a rehab clinic will rapidly increase the probability of remaining free from alcohol in the long term. By choosing to stay at least 28 days in a short rehab clinic programme, or 90 days in a longer rehab clinic programme you are four times less likely to relapse into alcohol use when compared to those who leave their rehab clinic programme early. Electing to enter a rehab clinic for a residential stay is also generally more successful than remaining at home (known as community treatment) as it offers a more intensive and focused course of treatment.

A primary aim of a successful rehab clinic will be to relate to the individual seeking its services. By creating a relationship between the rehab clinic and the patient, it is less likely the patient will leave rehab early and therefore will have a better chance of staying free from alcohol in the future. A good rehab clinic will actively engage its patients, providing them with a supportive environment and well-structured programmes. A patient offered tailored therapies and activities by a rehab clinic will find rehabilitating themselves to a life without alcohol much easier than those who choose to go it alone.

If you have decided that a rehab clinic is the way forward for you DryOutNow.com can help. Our website has a vast listing of rehab clinics available around the country. You can request information and brochures about the different rehab clinics available through the website. Or you can also call DryOutNow.com on 0845 555 444 and speak to our trained professionals who, as well as offering help and advice on alcoholism, can also arrange to book you in to a treatment programme at a rehab clinic. Whichever way you chose to approach the problem of alcoholism, DryOutNow.com is available to offer you help and advice at every stage.

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