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Cape Town

Situated in Cape Town in South Africa, the treatment centre is a 16-bed residential facility providing treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, sex addiction, as well as eating disorders. Our addiction treatment philosophy is an abstinence-based programme built on the 12-Steps, led by a multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified and experienced counsellors and expert medical staff. Our clients are detoxified individuals (which we can arrange) who require extended care to develop an individualized, comprehensive and supportive recovery plan. The treatment centre provides a secure, nurturing, compassionate environment in which our residents are guided with dignity and respect by our professional team.

Utilising evidence-based psycho-education, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual and interactional group psychotherapy, and holistic and adventure alternatives we are able to meet the unique needs of each client.



The Mauritius treatment centre has been established with an international collaboration of some of the most well known names in the profession. In essence we have converted our internationally established wellness clinic to suit the needs of an addictions unit. We seek to provide treatment for all addictions offering the best service deliveries available. Set on creating spheres for doctors to be more involved in treating this illness we feel we have created the correct combination necessary for effective and professional treatment.

Based on the Minnesota model of treatment, we offer an exclusive treatment setting in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The facility itself offers the utmost privacy comfort and luxury for the discerning individual. We believe in treating addiction with a multi disciplinary team focusing on the illness in three main aspects namely mind, body and soul. Through this holistic approach we manage to guide individuals to actualise their true potentials. Our primary purpose is to facilitate individuals into a recovery process from their illness and to learn how to manage their condition.

We are internationally able to accommodate the UK, US and other destinations and will accordingly manage all patients from abroad.

The program is designed to cover all aspects of the patients needs and is strongly based on the individuals developmental planning.


Founded in 2001, the treatment centre is a registered treatment facility and community established in the belief that recovery is not only achievable, but that it is the right for all of those suffering from and affected by addiction. Our focus is the continued development of effective treatment protocols that are managed by a team of qualified professionals. The heart of the holistic team lies in our motivation, ethics, dedication, and absolute commitment to the effective and sustainable recovery of those in our care.

Rehabilitation can be defined as the restoration of the individual to their rightful position and potential in life, through training and equipping. Inseparably and critical to a sustainable recovery is the effective training and education incorporated within the individual treatment plan.

Sustainable recovery can be measured by the individual’s ability to meet the challenges of society, self-awareness, management of co-morbid disorders, acceptance of responsibility, improved lifestyle and standard of life, not only through abstinence of substance of abuse.