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Heroin addiction can be one of the most difficult addiction to overcome, due to it's extreme addictive properties, in addition to the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that can occur when individuals work to overcome their dependency. For many people use of a heroin substitution programme is the first step to recovery, however although this addresses some of the physical addiction, this alone does not allow individuals to address the underlying issues. It is for this reason that most people will thus choose to access a heroin rehab program, where they can receive therapy as well continue to work on strategies to combat the physical cravings, access to a clinic is of course not suitable for everyone, but for those who can access one it can be a very key part of recovery.

In addition, prior to accessing a rehab facility, individuals may have to first be free from using drugs, and this may be done using a substitution program, but for other people choosing drug detox centres UK based or otherwise can be the best approach, and can really empower individuals to move on to the next step of treatment and hopefully begin their long term journey to recovery.