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Alcohol Rehab Centre

Alcohol Rehab centre Alcohol Rehab Clinic

An ://www.pcug.co.uk/addiction-centres"> alcohol rehab centre provides medical and psychological treatment for people suffering from alcohol dependency.

Through a combination of group and one-to-one counselling, the person is able to come to terms with the situation in which they have found themselves, and share their experiences with both peers and highly-trained counsellors. Whilst in treatment, individuals will develop a recovery programme to ensure that when they leave the intensive environment of the clinic, they have the coping strategies necessary to avoid falling back into the pre-existing pattern of dependency.

It is generally accepted that it is essential for alcoholics to engage in a period of aftercare on completion of rehab. Aftercare should comprise ongoing medical and psychological support as indicated, and will usually consist of a combination of counselling, group work, and attendance of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. In some cases the treatment of ongoing psychiatric problems, such as depression would be considered beneficial.

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