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Drug Rehab Treatment

Drug Rehab treatment

Whilst participation in residential treatment indicates that individuals are four times more likely to maintain abstinence than others, for some individuals this is simply not possible. In these circumstances, it may be possible to consider outpatient treatment options.

For alcohol dependent individuals, it may be possible to arrange a Home Detox programme, where a nurse comes to the home to dispense the relevant medication and ensure that the individualís physical well-being is cared for.

Whilst a detox should always be medically supervised, the psychological side of addiction can be adapted to suit the individualís lifestyle. For example one-to-one counselling with a qualified addictions specialist can help by supporting an individual to identify the underlying causes of the addictive behaviour and providing caring support for the individual aimed at the building of improved relationships and insight into personal development.

Counselling can also help by focusing on developing coping strategies to deal with high-risk times for relapse such as episodic cravings, depression and poor self view. Specific planning involves the use of the ďPersonal Recovery PlanĒ.

Community Care Co-ordinators are also available to assist with the overall management of the individualís recovery plan. The care co-ordinator is a professional who is tasked with keeping in-depth knowledge of the individualís circumstances and treatment history. The co-ordinator acts as a point of contact for practical advice and support, to put into place the various aspects of the plan, and to monitor and develop this plan as the newly abstinent person progresses.

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