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Rehab Programme

Rehab Programme

The most typical programme used in UK treatment centres is the Twelve Step Programme, which was originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Twelve-step programmes encourage individuals not just to live drug free, but to examine their habits and behaviours and change them in a positive way. Most a href=" http://www.pcug.co.uk/addiction-centres/index.php">Treatment Centreswill aim to help individuals to progress to at least step four whilst in treatment; step one is about breaking through denial and dealing with life honestly. Step two is about having faith in a solution and believing that recovery is possible. Step three is about giving up control of a disease that cannot be controlled and surrendering the self will to a power greater than yourself. Step four is an important step that includes self examination and soul searching in order to begin to see the world more clearly and rectify past mistakes. The rehab programme will support the individual in understanding how to work through the remaining steps once they return home, often with the support of attendance at Alcoholics/Narcotics/Cocaine Anonymous.

The twelve step programme can often be misinterpreted as a devoutly Christian organisation. This is NOT the case. The Twelve Steps is a spiritual-based programme which focuses on the importance of a Higher Power; whilst it is true that for many individuals this may be God, for other, the Higher Power can be anything that is motivating the person to become abstinent; for some it may be their friends and family, for others it may be a lost loved one or someone they once looked up to.

Some rehab centres incorporate the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in their programmes. CBT focuses on the idea is based on the idea that feelings and behaviours are the result of an individualís faulty way of thinking. Whilst people may not have the power to change the circumstances in which they find themselves, they have the ability to change the way in which they think about the situation, therefore changing the way they feel and behave. The goal of CBT in rehab programmes is to teach the person to recognise the situations in which they are most likely to drink or take drugs, avoid these circumstances if possible, and cope with other problems and behaviours, which may lead to their substance abuse.

Most programmes will incorporate educational classes to improve the individuals understanding of the nature of addiction. Other such classes can include relapse prevention workshops, life skills workshops and goal setting.

Certain rehab programmes may also incorporate more holistic approaches, such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation and relaxation. These therapies can compliment the standard programme, and help an individual to feel more settled within themselves.

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