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Celebrity rehab has had a positive effect in encouraging others

Drug rehab has had a lot of press in recent years, it often seems that you can barely read a newspaper without seeing a story about a celebrity who has checked themselves into rehab for drugs or alcohol, and in many cases these reports have had an impact on views about rehab.  On one side, people view celebrity rehab as glamourous, and it often seems that despite the numerous reports about those who have suffered from drug addictions, they are eternally forgiven for their mistakes, due to their fame.  However in the real world, this is rarely true, with many people who have successfully completed a rehab program, and been in recovery for a long period, still often shunned by communities or employers due to their past mistakes.  These different views highlight how different people are judged differently for little other reason than money or fame.

However despite the injustice of the above situations, in some ways the influx of celebrities admitting themselves into rehab has actually had a positive effect in encouraging other people to access help for their own addictions.

Thames Clinic Luton has reported how the stories about famous people in rehab has helped inspire some people to access help themselves, and they highlight that while some people can afford the 'celebrity' clinics, there are many who can not, and it is for this reason that they set up their affordable facilities; to allow individuals from all backgrounds, the opportunity to access help for addiction.  Although non celebrities may not receive the same level of admiration for accessing treatment, the fact remains that their decision to do so could have potentially saved their life and hopefully improved it immeasurably, and whether you're a celebrity or not, making the decision to improve your life is something to be admired and applauded.



 Thames Clinic Luton.  Why some people say yes, yes, yes to rehab.  Sourced from:

Published by on 15/01/2020.

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