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What is Internet addiction?

An internet addiction is where excessive computer use has begun to interfere with daily life, work and relationships. Spending too much time online can become a problem when it begins to absorb too much of your time, causing you to neglect your relationships, work and other situations which occur in daily life. Often, people will turn to the internet to help manage feelings such as stress, loneliness, depression and anxiety.

What are the effects of Internet addiction?

The effects of an internet addiction can cause an individual to neglect aspects of their life, including work, relationships and having a healthy lifestyle.

How will I know if someone has an Internet addiction problem?

If someone continues to repeat compulsive internet behaviour despite the negative consequences that occur as a result of this, it is likely that they may have an addiction problem. Other signs of an internet addiction include losing track of time online, having trouble completing tasks at home or at work, isolating yourself from family and friends, feeling guilty or defensive about your internet use and feeling euphoria while involved in internet activities.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of Internet addiction?

Internet addiction can cause physical discomfort which includes carpal tunnel syndrome, dry eyes or strained vision, back and neck aches, severe headaches, sleep disturbances and pronounced weight gain or weight loss.