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Help With Cannabis Addiction

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a type of drug that comes from the cannabis plant, it contains the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which causes the person taking it to experience different effects. Cannabis is typically smoked in 'joints' and the short-term effects of smoking it can be feeling happy, relaxed, chilled out and even hungry. However, it can cause you to hallucinate, feel paranoid and anxious.

What does Cannabis do?

The long term effects of cannabis can cause a number of problems for the person taking it as it can change the way that your brain works. It can cause you difficultly in concentrating and learning, it can make your memory worse and decrease motivation. Similar to the short-term effects it can cause continued anxiety, paranoia and other mental health problems for some people. The use of cannabis has also been associated with an increased risk in developing psychotic illnesses, such as schizophrenia, later on in life. If you have family members with mental health problems then you could be at a greater risk of developing it.

How will I know if someone has a Cannabis problem?

A good way to identify whether you or someone else is addicted to cannabis is looking to see what their reaction is when they have not had it in a while. Often the absence of cannabis can cause agitation, feelings of anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, nausea, loss of appetite, even shaking and sweating in some people. Alternatively, another way to identify if there is an addiction is seeing whether you/they experience cravings for it.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of Cannabis?

Unlike alcohol or heroin, the body cannot become physically addicted to cannabis and therefore there is no physical danger in stopping taking it. However, the addiction is psychologically based and so the withdrawals symptoms that someone can experience are different, but can still require treatment and support to allow someone to stop taking it safely and effectively. As you can imagine the above withdrawal symptoms that are listed can be extremely uncomfortable and often needs specialised treatment and support to not only deal with the present symptoms but to help prevent a relapse occurring. Without the right type of help the cannabis user may decide it is easier to continue smoking it than to stop.

What can I do?

Triage Healthcare can assist you if you think that you are in need of help for cannabis addiction, or if you think that someone you know needs help. We work with residential rehabilitation centres and addiction counsellors across the UK that can help treat the addiction, allow you to come off the cannabis and help put a plan in place to prevent you using it again.

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