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Help With Shopping Addiction

What is Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction, also known as compulsive shopping or compulsive spending, is where someone suffers from the compulsion to shop and spend money. The condition is becoming more well recognised, particularly as the accessibility to online shopping has increased. People suffering from the condition can find their compulsions and need to spend spiralling out of control, facing huge amounts of debt, often without their families knowledge.

Compulsive shopping can be identified in a number of ways including the following:

It can be difficult for someone to realise that they might have a spending addiction because a person might exhibit some of the above symptoms and not actually have a problem. It can also be difficult for loved ones to identify the problem if much of the spending is done in secret. However, coming to terms with and realising that you have a spending addiction can be overwhelming, particularly if you have to inform your family of the repercussions of your spending.

How we can help

If you or your loved one has a shopping addiction and are need of treatment and support then Triage Healthcare can help. Triage Healthcare specialises in the treatment of addictive illnesses, including shopping and spending addictions. We can discuss the options for help and create and implement a suitable care plan for your needs. Call us now on 0800 246 5293 for free, confidential and immediate advice.