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Help With Legal High Addiction

What are Legal Highs?

Legal highs mimic the effects of illegal drugs by trying to replicate the effects of street substances such as ecstasy and speed. They are mostly not controlled by the Misuse of Drugs Act and cause a great deal of concern for drug policy makers and addiction professionals. However changes have been made to the Medicines Act making it illegal to sell some of them. The problem remains as to the speed by which these illegal highs are designed and the laborious legal process of making them illegal. The UK is reported to be an international hub for worldwide legal high distribution. Legal high drugs are bought online via one of many UK based websites and are delivered by post.

How do I know if someone is addicted to a legal high?

Legal Highs present unique challenges in the identifying, management and treatment of addiction. However rather than the drug type, look at the behaviours that concern you.  Consider:

Are important social or vocational commitments not being met or avoided?

Does the person become irritated when the subject is discussed?

Have they promised to change but not followed through?

Has their social habits and/or group changed?

Have there been noticeable physical changes?

Are they experiencing an increase in problems with personal motivation, financial, relationship, legal or health issues?

If two or more of the above are yes then there is possible a serious problem, if more than three then professional help is most probably required.

How can we help?

At Triage Healthcare we are here to advise and support you. Treatment is available for legal high addiction. Our advisors are on standby to guide you through this most difficult of subjects. Call us now on 0800 246 5293 for free, confidential and immediate advice.

The main types of legal highs are:

Methoxetamine – street names 'Special K, MXE, MKET'

Methoxetamine is chemically similar to ketamine, which is an animal tranquiliser. It has been in regular use since 2011.

Herbal Ecstasy - HEXT

Herbal XTC contains herbs and extracts claimed to be stimulants and/or hallucinogenic.

Ephedrine – Cloud 9, Nirvana Plus

Ephedrine is an extract of the herb Ma Huang (from the Chinese tree ephedra sinensis). High doses are very unpleasant and can cause serious side effects to users suffering with pre existing medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney or heart disease.  Ma Huang is sold in China as a medicine and as an aphrodisiac. Often it is sold as a legal high that mimics ecstasy (XTC).


Yohimbine is presented as an aphrodisiac , often referred to as Viagra in herbal form. It is also marketed as a hallucinogenic (LSD) with stimulant (amphetamine) like effects. It stems from a west African tree called Yohimba.

Salvia - Eclipse

Salvia is presented in the UK as a herbal ecstasy. comes from a plant found in the United States that is a member of the mint family. It is used in traditional healing by the Meso American Shamans. Its effects are more hallucinatory.