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Help with Cocaine Addiction

What is Cocaine Addiction?

Addiction to cocaine is centred in the brain, not only psychologically but also physically. Cocaine addiction, or cocaine dependence, refers to how the brain is altered in its physical processing of cocaine, in addition to obvious behavioural symptoms. Essentially a cocaine addict has little or no control over the amount of cocaine used or they find they cannot stop entirely despite promises to do so. Cocaine is made from the coca leaf found mainly in South America. First a crude coca paste is extracted from the coca leaves. The coca paste is then purified, creating  'cocaine base'. This 'base' is then converted into a substance called 'cocaine hydrochloride', essentially street cocaine in its purest form.

How do I know if someone is addicted to cocaine?

How to find out if someone is addicted to cocaine can be a frustrating and fruitless task. Cocaine addicts deliberately hide the frequency and extent of their usage. However when a cocaine addict comes out of a binge they usually experience a period of excessive sleeping often followed by feelings of depression. Also, they may exhibit loss of appetite, faster breathing, sweating, dilated pupils and strange, erratic, sometimes violent behaviour.

How do I know if I am addicted to cocaine?

The diagnosis for cocaine addiction is centred around three or more of the following symptoms. If you answer yes to more than three of the following sample questions you might benefit from discussing your problem for free with one of our advisors:

Have you used more cocaine than you planned to? Has the use of cocaine interfered with your ability to work? Is your cocaine use causing conflict with your loved ones? Do you feel depressed or remorseful after you use cocaine? Do you use whatever cocaine you have, until the supply is exhausted? Have you ever experienced problems with your nose due to cocaine use? Do you ever wish you had never taken that first cocaine hit? Have you experienced chest pains or unusual heartbeats when using cocaine? Do you have an obsession to get cocaine? Are you experiencing financial difficulties due to your cocaine use? Do you feel high just knowing you are about to use cocaine? After using cocaine, do you have difficulty sleeping?

Help for cocaine addiction.

There are numerous options for help, from private rehab to specialist addiction counsellors. We are ready to help you with your choice of counselling or rehab. You can assess your situation with us and we can provide a free medically supervised assessment over the telephone. We can assist you to address the troubling circumstances that cocaine addiction brings. We are on standby ready to provide help for cocaine addiction.