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Addiction to cannabis can be overlooked

 For some people use of cannabis is only a temporary state of affairs, for others it is a starting point towards more damaging behaviours, including the use of more 'hard-core' drugs like heroin or cocaine.  But for some cannabis can be a destructive force in itself, and although it is often seen as a less 'serious' drug, this does not mean that people will not get addicted to it, or that no sever consequences will come of an individuals regular cannabis use.

It is for this reason that it is important for drug rehab clinics to provide adequate support for individuals with an addiction to cannabis who can often be overlooked by support services.  The negative impact cannabis misuse can have on an individuals can be extreme, and although the health complications it has been reported to have are not quite as intense as heroin or methamphetamines, the effects it can have on other aspects of an individuals life cannot be denied.  It can impact an individuals social involvement, finances, career options or could even lead to prison sentences.

However due to the prevalence of cannabis use and the detrimental effects it can have, researchers have been working on ways to combat cannabis addiction, and it appears they may have a potential solution.  A drug commonly used to treat epilepsy appears to have a positive impact on cannabis use, while reducing withdrawal symptoms, and seems to have very few side effects (Science Daily, 2012).

Research is still in the relatively early stages, but if further clinical trials prove successful, drug rehab centers may have a new weapon in their arsenal against cannabis addiction.  Helping people to overcome a cannabis addiction could benefit them, not only in the reas outlined above, but may prevent them misusing other substances in the future, and it could potentially change their lives a great deal for the better.


Science Daily.  (2012).  Anticonvulsant Drug Helps Marijuana Smokers Kick the Habit.  Sourced from:

Published by on 08/06/2020.

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