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Addiction to prescribed drugs is more difficult to tackle

For those who enter rehab drug addiction can mean many different things, for some it may be addiction to alcohol, others it may be street drugs such a cocaine, and there are many others who suffer from addiction to prescription drugs. 

But no matter what form of addiction an individual has it is always important that people are encouraged to seek help for their dependency, and it is fortunate that there are rehab services available to help people who make the courageous decision to seek help.

But despite the help available, the truth is that ultimately no one wants to have to seek rehab, and really no one wants to be addicted to drugs, and it is for this reason that any steps that can be taken to prevent people from needing to use drugs in the first place. 

In many ways, addiction to prescribed drugs is more difficult to tackle, as in many cases people who fall prey to the addictive properties, are initially using them appropriately, but over time become dependent on them to cope with life, or they enjoy the high they get from them.  Thus the news that researchers may have found a possible alternative to traditional opioid painkillers is very welcome (Medical News Today, 2012).  Studies have revealed that electrically stimulating certain areas of the brain actually releases a painkilling effect similar to that produced by taking opiate medications.  It is thus hoped that in the future this finding may lead to developments of techniques that may be suitable to treat serious pain, thus eliminating the need for opiate drugs to be used, hopefully reducing levels of painkiller addiction.



Medical News Today.  (2012).  Electric stimulation of the brain releases powerful, opiate like painkiller.  Sourced from:

Published by on 15/01/2020.

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