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Addressing the issue of drug addiction is extremely complex

Addressing the issue of drug addiction is extremely complex, mostly because so is the disease itself.  There are a huge number of factors implicated in the use of drugs, including emotional, psychological, social, economic, and physical factors, and whilst tackling one of these issue may seem simple, such an approach would not be effective, but unfortunately tackling all of them is essential, but much more difficult to do.

Most of us know that drugs are dangerous and illegal as a result; they damage individual lives, have an impact on the criminal justice system, as well as society as a whole, and despite a long term 'war on drugs' it often seems that little impact has been made. 

As a result, there have been suggestions from many that a radical solution may be required; some supporting the idea of decriminalisation of certain drugs, while others support the idea of treatment rather than criminal judgment (Mail Online, 2021). 

The high numbers of people abusing illegal drugs does suggest that the possibility of criminal action may not deter people from taking drugs, and thus many are suggesting that rather than punishing people who have been caught abusing drugs, they may benefit from treatment instead.  But while this approach may work on an individual level, and help reduce the numbers of people taking drugs, unfortunately there is more to be done to tackle the root of the problem, and it may be that a better prevention campaign is necessary, including education about the risks, and the social consequences of drug use.

But unfortunately it does not seem that drugs will be disappearing anytime soon, and thus in the present situation it may be that offering people access to rehab programs to help them rebuild their lives and become drug free may be the most suitable approach to help those in need.


Mail Online.  (2021).  Treat addicts, don't lock them up. MPs pave way to legalise drugs as they admit prison sentences are failing to deter offenders.  Sourced from:

Published by on 08/02/2020.

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