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Antidote for cocaine overdose on horizon

One of the most dangerous aspect of any drug addiction is the possibility of an overdose.  Often individuals take their drug use a step too far and will either end up in the hospital, or will not wake up at all.  Overdose is common as addiction sufferers whether because they need a bigger 'hit' or because they end up purchasing drugs that have many ingredients that they don't know about. 

Unfortunately, even for those who are lucky enough to survive a drug overdose, it is often not enough to comel them to enter into a drug detox or rehab program, and often they will regular visitors in the emergency room for a variety of drug related incidents.

However, new research suggests that there may be an antidote to an overdose in cocaine users on the horizon (Science Daily, 2012).  The researcher has investigated whether giving mice an injectable solution of a new antidote for cocaine could protect them from a potentially lethal high dosage, and found that it could. 

It appears that this new solution could offer a safety mechanism for those who misuse cocaine, and could help reduce the numbers of people who suffer from a lethal overdose.  The ethical applications of the discovery are a little murky, as in some ways it may be seen to promote continued use of cocaine.  However, the researchers state that they hope it will be able to keep individuals alive and hopefully offer them the chance to make the decision to become free of drugs.  A choice which they would never be able to make if they fatally overdosed. 

Although it may be seen as some as encouragement for people to use increased numbers of drugs, it may well be worth it if it is able to keep greater numbers of people alive longer, especially if they can then be encouraged to enter into treatment for their addiction.

Science Daily.  (2012).  Antidote for cocaine overdose looks promising in lab studies.  Sourced from:

Published by on 10/05/2020.

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