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Beating an addiction is certainly not an easy thing to do

When it comes to drug addiction, many of us bury our heads under the sand.  Until it affects us directly many people are quick to ignore the issue, or even view those who suffer with a critical and judgmental eye.  Although for some drug use is a choice, there are many people who are desperately trying to overcome their addiction, and often even these individuals are snubbed by society for their past mistakes, and this can have a very negative impact on an addiction sufferers chances of recovery.

However, beating an addiction is certainly not an easy thing to do, and it takes a great deal of personal strength to do so, and it is for this reason that individuals who have successfully overcome an addiction should be proud of their achievements, and should feel confident in sharing their experiences with others who may be in a similar situation, or who may need guidance about a loved one.

But in addition to this, there is also a need to raise awareness about drug addiction, but also about treatments as well.  Thus the news that a community based celebration of recovery is being held, is most welcome.  The Recovery Walk event is held annually, and the purpose is to make recovery visible, to make people aware of it, and  to allow those who have recovered to proudly demonstrate their success (National Treatment for Substance Misuse, 2012).

Drugs are a serious problem in our society, and while many people may think drugs have nothing to do with them, this is not the case.  Many people will come into contact with people who have or still do use drugs, they may live near a rehab center, or even if neither of these is true, their tax payments will go to helping people who suffer from drug addiction.  Thus addiction is everybody's problem in some form, and raising awareness, not only of the problems, but also of the possible solutions is a positive way to help people understand how drug addiction impacts many areas of our culture.



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Published by on 07/09/2020.

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