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Dealing with cocaine addiction

Cocaine can be one of the most devastating addictions to deal with, and can also be one of the most difficult to overcome.  It is partly due to these facts that researchers are desperately trying to develop new treatment options for the addiction, and in regards to cocaine, there have been numerous developments.

There have been certain developments in pharmaceutical treatments in cocaine addiction which have lead to better outcomes in rehab clinics and detox centres.  Despite the success of certain drug therapies to help treat addiction, scientists have found that in many cases it is still necessary for treatment to involve behavioural therapies to maximise chances of success (Science Daily, 2010).  This is particularly true for a drug that affects memory. 

The drug is hoped to aid individuals in coping with addiction cues outside of the rehabilitation clinic setting, in order to dampen the power of these cues.  If this can be achieved, it is hoped that individuals will be less affected by cues when they are exposed to them outside of the clinic setting and will be able to pass up temptations associated with them.

Overcoming temptations and beating the issues associated with addiction are one of the most important aspects of recovery, and if a drug alongside behavioural therapy is able to help individuals to overcome these issues, it may increase the numbers of people who are able to successfully beat their addiction.

Published by on 08/06/2020.

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