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Following the overcoming of the main obstacles to recovery

Recovering from a drug addiction can take a long time, and even those who feel they have done so 'successfully', i.e. they have been able to sustain long term abstinence, can still suffer side effects and negative effects of their past drug use.  This unfortunate reality can make the recovery process very stressful, and frustrating, as people assume that once an individual has overcome the 'main' obstacles of recovery, such as the physical and emotional issues, they feel the fight is over.  However, many find that the damage that has occurred as a result of their previous drug abuse can impact their lives long after they stop abusing drugs.

The negative effects that drug misuse can have on cognitive abilities can be some of the most distressing and dramatic aspects of addiction, and unfortunately private drug rehab centers are often unable to help with this issue, as at this point the damage is already done.  However, researchers are now discovering medications that could help in this area. 

One drug, commonly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, has been found to have a positive impact on brain function in those who have an addiction to cocaine.  The medication appears to improve brain function in cocaine abusers, and also seems to help people on their journey to recovery (Science Daily, 2010).

These findings cold have a very positive impact on how addiction sufferers receive treatment at an addiction center, and it could mean that in the future having a drug addiction does not necessarily mean that individuals cannot resume living positive lives, and that they may have the opportunity to partially reverse some of the negative effects their drug use has had.

Published by on 08/06/2020.

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