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Growing numbers of club drug use

One of the most frustrating things about drug use is that there are so many varieties to choose from and this wide range of choice can make accurate reporting on drug use very difficult.  Trying to get accurate numbers about who is using what, who is seeking help and who isn't, and the outcomes of various treatment programs can be very tricky, however the National Treatment  Agency for Substance Abuse (NTA) has been working to collect information about all of these issues, and have recently published reports about the state of drug and alcohol addiction in the UK.

Their reports suggest that overall drug use seems to be on the decline compared to previous years, evidence suggests that use of 'club drugs' (e.g. ketamine) may be on the increase, evidenced by increasing numbers being treated for health complications, or receiving treatment for their addiction. 

Although the numbers of people using these types of drug are still fairly small compared to those who abuse heroin or cocaine, the NTA  (2012) warn that the growing numbers should be tackled as far as possible as there are still serious health issues associated with these types of drugs, and without access to rehab or detox people put themselves at serious risk, and could even die as a result. 

Therefore steps need to be taken to understand why there seems to be growth in this area, and what steps can be taken to prevent it from growing further.  Club drugs need to be treated as seriously as other types and efforts need to be made to educate people about the risks, and people also need to encouraged to seek help for their addiction as soon as possible, and perhaps the numbers may start to decline as with some of the other drug varieties.



NTA.  (2012).  Club drug users warned as figures show more are getting help.  Sourced from:

Published by on 05/12/2020.

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