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Marijuana use potentially acts as a gateway for further drug use

When we are young, we often engage in activities that we regret when older; in many cases this results in bad memories of our youth, but in some cases it can have serious implications for our health and well-being.  Drug use is one of the biggest things that can impact our health at a later stage, and although it may seem of little consequence when we are young, there are many cases where it can have severe consequences when we are older.

Whether it is damage to our cognitive functioning, our physical health, or even a criminal record; there are numerous ways in which drug use can negatively impact our lives, and research suggests that despite the risks, many young people continue to engage in drug use (DrugFree, 2012).  The reports suggest that marijuana is one of the most common drugs used by young people; often because they see it as 'low risk' or 'less dangerous' than other drugs.  But even if an individual does not experience any negative results of marijuana use, it potentially acts as a gateway for further drug use, including more addictive and highly dangerous drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy. 

Often the desire to try new things, and impress our peers overrides our common sense when we are young, and although efforts have been made to encourage young people to recognise the negative effects, there appears to be relatively little decrease in the numbers of people using these drugs.  For those who fall too far into the world of drugs and addiction, it is important that they have access to a rehab center if they want to overcome their addiction, and hopefully with support and guidance from others, they can make a positive change before it's too late.



DrugFree.  (2012).  Survey: Almost One-Fourth of 12th Graders Have Smoked Marijuana in Past Month.  Sourced from:


Published by on 28/12/2020.

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