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Mexxy a new street drug in the UK

One of the most frustrating things about the war on drugs is that it is never ending.  No matter what provisions the government puts in place to help protect people from the danger of drugs, it never appears to be enough.  In many cases people who are addicted to drugs completely ignore the laws against them, and for those who do not wish to break the law, new drugs and mind altering substances are forever being developed and distributed.

The trouble often comes from these new drugs, as there are less provisions in place to try and protect people.  The government have set up laws, education campaigns and services to help people addicted to well known drugs, such as heroin, cocaine or amphetamines, however for those who are getting a 'legal high' from substances that have not yet been outlawed, there are not safeguards in place to protect them, and in many ways this makes them even more dangerous than the illegal substances.  People are unable to access treatment such as detox or rehab program for many of these substances, and this can lead to sever consequences.

Recent news reports have highlighted the danger of Mexxy, a new street drug in the UK that is about to be outlawed because it has been linked with two deaths (Sky News, 2012).  However, even though the government has planned to make this substance illegal while they decide it's ultimate fate, the issue will not be solved, as people will still use the substance illegally, or will turn toward other 'legal' highs instead.  There is a similar situation in the US where a substance nicknamed 'bath salts' which mimics two very strong illegal drugs is being used as a substitute (Medical News Today, 2012).

It is near impossible to rectify these sorts of situations as people who are determined to use drugs to alter their mind for pleasure or escapism will find a way, and although the government can fight as hard as they want to stop people using it, history tells us that this will not be the case.

It is of course a difficult decision to decide what path is best to take to help protect people, however education should be key.  People are under the misguided assumption that because a substance is legal, it is safe, and as we have learnt from high levels of alcoholism and binge drinking, this is not true.  In order to offer people the best chances of keeping safe, efforts should be made to highlight how dangerous any mind altering substance is, and try to help people deal with any emotional issues in other ways.


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Published by on 05/04/2020.

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