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New discoveries in the fight against cocaine addiction

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs around, and the negative effects it can have on an individuals health and mental state are well documented.  There have been many developments in how to help individuals with a cocaine addiction, and this has meant the difference between life and death for some individuals.

Some discoveries with regards to cocaine addiction treatment have been borne from the invention of new drugs, but some have arisen as a result of investigations into existing products, and have discovered incredible properties that were previously unknown.

One example of this is the finding that an ingredient found in licorice has been found to have potential benefits for the treatment of cocaine abuse (Science Daily, 2009).  The researchers found that the ingredient could be a possible antidote to the effects of cocaine, including cocaine overdose. 

It appears that the chemical can affect dopamine levels, and reduce the pleasurable effect that cocaine has on the brain.  In addition, it appears that the chemical has protective properties against the brain damage that cocaine can cause. 

These findings help show that the addictive properties of cocaine can be combated with the suitable treatments, and that as more discoveries are made, it dramatically improves the chances of individuals being able to access and utilise rehab UK wide to maximise chances of successful recovery.  As people are offered more opportunities and options for their treatments, it increases the odds that an individual will choose to make a positive change in their lives, and begin their journey on the road to recovery.



Science Daily.  (2009).  Injections of licorice ingredient shows promise as a treatment for cocaine addiction.

Published by on 07/08/2020.

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