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New trials of twin drugs to treat cocaine addiction

Cocaine addiction is well known to be very difficult to break, and individuals who suffer from this form of addiction can suffer very unpleasant and dangerous consequences as a result.  Unfortunately treatments for cocaine addiction have often been insufficient to treat the disorder, and many people have been long term sufferers with little hope in sight.  However recent developments may be able to bring some hope to those who are suffering from cocaine addiction, as it has been suggested that combining two different medications may be an effective new treatment for the dependency (Los Angeles Times, 2012).  So far trials are proving to have positive results and researchers hope that in the near future further trials can be conducted with human participants and if results prove effective it could mean that there will soon be a new treatment available to those addicted to cocaine. 

Having a variety of effective treatments is essential in order to encourage as many people as possible to access help, and if they know that there is a treatment that will potentially be able to help them, it may help them accept the help available at a local drug center.  For those who have previously tried to overcome their addiction, the news that a new form of treatment is available may be encouragement enough to convince them to engage in treatment once again, and hopefully make a permanent and positive change to their life.



Los Angeles Times.  (2012).  Promising new treatment for cocaine addiction adds stimulant drugs.  Sourced from:,0,7338513.story

Published by on 13/12/2020.

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