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No drug should be considered safe

There is often much confusion about the risks of marijuana.  There are those who state that the risks are relatively few, while other studies have identified sever cognitive impairments and behavioural difficulties as a result of marijuana use.  The media plays an important role in the view of cannabis use, as many films, TV shows and songs depict blatant use of the drug with a positive slant, which appears to suggest little negative impact.

The issue is also made more complex by the use of marijuana in medical settings.  The drug has been used for some time in a medical capacity, and this legitimate use appears to persuade individuals that it is therefore safe to take recreationally.  A recent study found that of those who entered into treatment for drug use, many of them reported using medical marijuana in the past, often using another person's supply (Science Daily, 2012).  This is most common is the USA as there has been legislation passed in some areas permitted more free use of medical marijuana, and this has led to it being used by people without a medical need for it.

The difficulty is that many of those questioned for the study stated that they saw no problem with using marijuana, especially the medical variety.  Many individuals stated they felt there was only a very small or no risk associated with it's use.

However, individuals can suffer from mental health and cognitive impairments as a result of cannabis use, and not only can individuals become dependent on the drug, it also increases the likelihood of an individual misusing other drugs in the future.

When it comes to  rehab, drug misusers have often been through extremely unpleasant circumstances that have in essence forced them to seek help, and this can be just as true for marijuana use as for heroin or cocaine.  Just because a drug is considered as 'less dangerous' than another drug, that doesn't make it safe, and this is an important message to get across, to help protect individuals from the dangers of marijuana use.


Science Daily.  (2012).  Adolescnets in substance abuse treatment report using somebody else's medical marijuana.  Sourced from:

Published by on 16/08/2020.

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