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Numbers seeking help for benzodiazepine and narcotic painkiller addiction hits all time high

People choose to access addiction rehab for a variety of reasons, and many people may suffer from addiction to several substances, and this can make the process a little more complex, but seeking help is the most important step.  Rehab has traditionally been seen as for those suffering from addiction to 'street drugs' such as heroin, cannabis or cocaine, however reports suggest that there has been a drastic increase in the numbers of people seeking help for addiction to various prescription medications as well (Science Daily, 2012). 

It appears that the numbers of people seeking help for addiction to benzodiazepine and narcotic painkillers has hit an all time high, and this is forcing healthcare providers and drug companies to be more aware of the addictive nature of these medications, and what can be done to help protect people.

Many people who seek help for this form of addiction have often fallen into it more by accident than as a result of purposeful abuse; although of course this does happen, but for many people they begin using prescription medications in the appropriate way, but due to poor vigilance by healthcare professionals and the individuals themselves, they may continue to use them when they do not actually need them; leading to physical reliance on them to cope with every day life.

Although this rise in people seeking help only demonstrates how dangerous these medications can be, and how poor support has been in the past, it is also positive as it shows that many people recognise they have a problem and are taking positive steps to rectify it, before it's too late.


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Published by on 19/12/2020.

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